Wednesday, 11 May 2011

And then there were two...

So today I found out that wearing shorts to work in thailand is a crime!!
Yip, nevermind the fact that some of the teachers wear denim mini skirts or (and this is my favourite)...shiny silver skinny jeans!!! But you cant wear shorts. Now they weren't like short shorts, they were below my knees, thats why I thought they'd be ok. They were like smart black cross between shorts and 3 quarter pants type vibes. Anyway, I managed to successfully hide from the principal the whole day, so no real harm was done.

Our uniforms arrived today...THEY HAVE SHOULDER PADS!!!! 
It makes me want to cry. 
I look like a frumpy air hostess. 
We just got our purple uniform today for picture day tomorrow the other 4 uniforms are still being made. 
They also told us today that we have to pay for these ridiculous 'clothes'!! And they're not cheap either, considering the fact that you need 5 shirts and 3 pants or skirts. I will put a picture of it on sometime so that next time you feel like you dont have anything to wear you can think to yourself, 'well atleast I dont have to wear that!!!'. 
Im such a nice person!

On the plus side, we were supposed to have a 3 hour workshop on how to make flashcards today (coz its real rocket science type stuff) and that luckily didnt happen...i might have bored to death! 
Instead we ate cake:D

[It looked exactly like this actually]

But there's also more bad news. 
After 3 goodbye parties (one of which involved overeating at a vienamese buffet which was AMAZING) tonight we say goodbye to Eveline:(:(:( She is moving to the south of thailand, so we will atleast still get to see her in holidays and stuff but it still sucks. 
The 3 musketeers will be missing a member:(

Eveline we will miss you!

All hope is not lost tho, I have more good news:) 
Tomorrow I move into my new apartment!! 
I can finally live out of a cupboard and not a bag. And just in time for the long weekend:) (more good news). I will miss staying with P.Pell and Mint tho, I have learnt so much more thai, like 'ork pbay', it means 'get out', and has come in handy with Mint. 
Love you Mint!!:)

Well I think thats all the important stuff. I'll be back soon with pictures of my new apartment:)
Miss you all loads!

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  1. Are you sure is it handy?

    For me you might need to say 'Pbai Hai Phon'

    Cuz the one you use right now won't irritate me a bit ;)