Monday, 9 May 2011

Hi ho, Hi ho, its back to work I go...

So with being jetlagged for a few days and being on holiday, my sleeping patterns have been a bit messed up, but I had started getting into the habit of going to bed between 2 and 3 and then waking up round 12, or whatever time the sun kicks me out of bed. So when I had to go to bed at 10pm last night to wake up at 6:30am, by body was slightly confused. I think I managed to fall asleep sometime before 3am. Somehow tho I made it through the day.

A lot of things happened today.

Firstly, I was late! Im reading a good book at the moment so I couldnt quite leave this morning.
Secondly, there were two new foreign teachers. One is south african who I had met a couple of times before who is taking my old position of teaching the babies. The other one is an old british guy from Liverpool who I had actually met a couple of days before coz im moving into his aparment block. (Why does it always happen that I move into the creepy old guys flat?!!!)

Thirdly, there were about 10 new thai teachers!! Apparently during the holidays a whole bunch of them decided they werent coming back. Unfortunately the computer teacher wasnt one of them but anyway. My co-teacher also left so in comes Pooh Bear to save the day. Yip, you read right, my new co-teachers name is Teacher Pooh Bear. Although there is some debate about that coz apparently she told another teacher that her name is french for doll but thats Poopi. So we're not a hundred percent sure of her name, but either way, its a massive lol. On the plus side tho, she is lovely and speaks english pretty well.

The other big thing that happened today was all the foreign female teachers were put in the school bus and taken to have our measurements taken for...get this...UNIFORMS!!! I was kinda keen for it in the beginning coz im the one that always went on about us wearing uniforms coz our schools colour is purple but you know what they say, becareful what you wish for. We are having not one, not two but FOUR DIFFERENT uniforms made for us!!! They will be made from fake material that makes this heat even hotter, they will button up to the top and we will have to wear a scarf!!! How exciting, I just cant wait to slowly boil to death!!

Other than that, the kids arent all back yet, just the babies, school only officially starts next week. The ledgendary Putt made it through the holidays and even remembered my name. It was definately the highlight of the day. His hair has grown so he no longer looks like a leukemia patient:) 
Overall I think it was a pretty good day back:)

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