Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Kill the sun

I'll try tell you about my week without writing an essay.
Infact lets start with the picture I promised of my uniform.

This is me and Teacher Poupe'e (dont ask about the spelling) outside our classroom. I look like a giant next to her!!

When you manage to stop laughing and carry on reading then you will be happy to know that since that photo our uniforms have been tailored and our scarves arrived in time for picture day.

So now this is what they look like...
We have these in purple, white and baby pink (my favourite).

Anyway, i've gotten over it and quite enjoy the special privileges I get walking around town in my uniform...i mean who stands in queue's anyway!!:)

So on thursday I moved into my apartment. It decided to rain that day which made it fun. Luckily, Mint brought 3 of her 'brothers' (lol) to help so between the 5 of us we got all 5 million of my bags up to the fourth floor where my apartment is in no time (with only minor breakages to the building, lol).

After taking the entire long weekend to unpack and make it pretty this is my new home...
The curtained room vibe is my balcony.
My kitchen
Bathroom...i no longer have to stand on top of the toilet to shower
Monday was orientation day and the day I met all my kids. I had had about 5 hours sleep so I guess its a good thing only 7 of my kids came and spent most of the day hanging onto their parents or sleeping. One word can be used to sum up the day...MULLET! I promise you, in every single class there are atleast 2 kids with mullets. And we not talking baby mullets, we're talking full on curly pony tail mullets, I have 2 in my class and its rather traumatising!

Luckily yesterday was a public holiday so I had the day to recover. The plan was to use the day to plan lessons. I started off watching Glee and then went to lunch with a friend for about 5 hours (literally) and then came home and watched more glee and the last episode of vampire diaries * sob * I planned to go to bed at 10pm. At 10:30 I switched my light off and at 3am I eventually fell asleep!
So with 3 hours sleep and no lessons planned I went to school to start the year.

It was a disaster!

I now have 19 kids in my class. And well lets just say not much listening to Teacher Chole was done.

The scary thing is tho, is that my class went the best out of all the other classes, which just shows you how chaotic the day was. All the babies screamed and kept running out the classrooms the entire day, which made all the office staff and teachers freak out which means that no admin things were done so no one has stationery or text books or timetables.

But I made it through the day (and that in itself is proof that God can do the impossible) and I am now at home hoping to get atleast 12 hours sleep tonight!

Please pray extra hard that I survive the week.

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