Friday, 6 May 2011

Leaving again

Yes, yes I know this is 9 months late but whatever. Im older and wiser now and so instead of having to write the same thing over and over to different people, now I can just be like, 
read my blog!!
That and, have you typed on my computer?! Its awesome!!

I guess I could copy and paste each time but this way I get to make it look all pretty aswell:)

So, Day 1
I got on a plane! 
Only it wasn't on time, it was an hour late and just to make things exciting, I only had an hour stop over, so guess who missed her second flight?! 
I wasnt too worried tho because this was following my plan of getting put up in a 5 star hotel and then getting bumped up to first class so everything was running according to plan really. 
That and I was much too concerned about the fact that all the movies showing were complete rubbish! Oh and did I mention the creepy turkish guy that was sitting next to me?! And the crash landing into joburg that sent my laptop flying also added to the distraction.

Anyway, I hope you're comfortable, coz I am and that probably means this'll be long.
So we arrive in Doha, turns out more than half the plane had missed their flights, but I must say Qatar handled it amazingly and we were on a bus to our fancy 5 star hotels in no time(My plan was working brilliantly!) ...well everyone else was, I left something on the plane so I got the later bad! It was quite funny, all the south africans were talking about how amazingly everything was handled and how organised they were and all the europeans were all like shouting at the staff about missed trains in paris and all that. We're such good people:)

That is what went over and over in my head driving through Doha, while my mouth was hanging open. I would have taken a picture but I was so mesmerised by how amazing the place was that I forgot what a camera was. It's like something from the future. Perfectly manacured lawns (the people busy mowing them were on these like futuristic looking lawn mowers and wearing uniforms!!) on the one side and the sea on the other with palm trees and pretty walk ways. And the buildings, my word the buildings. Hundreds of skyskrapers, each more insane than the next. Each one was shaped differently with crazy detail. And all the cars on the road (all only had men in them, there were no women anywhere) were like SUV's and shiny BMW's. And then we drove past what I thought must be a palace but turns out no, it was just a bank! 

[I found some pictures for you]

Anyway, enough about Doha and more about me and my cool hotel. I stayed at the Movenpick hotel, yip the famous swiss ice cream:) It was super fancy. No one let me carry my bags ever, not even my coat that I had in my hand. And when I got to my room I just stood there giggling, it was soooo beautiful!! Look, I took some pictures for you...

Cool hey?!:)

You should have seen the buffet!! 
I of course, as a South African, took full advantage of the free food and had about 6 helpings and then 2 helpings of dessert! And after that I rolled myself to bed and slept like a baby until I got my wake up call. And then I got up, had a shower in the super fancy shower that took me about 5 minutes to figure out, and then I went back to the buffet for dinner and repeated lunch time:) And then we were all driven to the airport where we caught our non delayed flight and arrived in overly humid bangkok at 7:30 this morning.

So I got my 5 star hotel but not my first class flight. Oh well, who needs first class anyway, they probably would have kicked my out for laughing too loudly at The Big Bang Theory anyway!!

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