Friday, 6 May 2011

Meet Mia

I arrived in Khon Kaen at 4:30pm yesterday afternoon.

Driving through Khon Kaen was super strange. It felt like I had been here like a hundred years ago. I still kinda feel like that. Everything is familiar but yet very foreign.

Anyway, so I arrived and Mint and Eveline came to pick me up and instead of letting me take a taxi they insisted on putting my huge 23kg bag, my 10kg smaller bag, my laptop, my handbag AND me on their 2 motorbikes. 

[By some miracle we actually did it]

We then went to the apartment where I was gonna stay.
Now when I say the apartment where I was gonna stay, I do not mean that I had booked it or that they knew I was coming. I guess I just assumed there would be a room.

There wasn't!!

Hmmm, that wasnt really part of my plan.
So anyway, we went apartment hunting. The first apartment we went to was awesome and they had a room oping on the 11th of may. I booked it and off we went to mint and eveline's house which would be my temporary home until then.

[Check out the massive jack fruits in their garden!!!]

I had my third shower for the day and off we went to bible study where I got to see all my friends. There were was a swedish couple who had helped plant the church that were visting and we all went for dinner afterwards. We then went to the night market to get more food. And mint being mint went shoe shopping:)

We eventually went to bed at 2 in the morning with the plan of waking up at 9 to go swimming. At 12:30 the next day I woke up to a thunder storm. Swimming was cancelled. I also realised that today was the day I had to check in at immigration. I get to immigration only to find out I do not have to check into immigration until the end of july.


So off we went to fetch my motorbike:D:D

I have named her Mia because she is a Yamaha Mio!
Here's a picture...

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  1. Hmmm

    You named the motorbike!! That's cool.

    But I will never name my shoes even I love them, I'm to lazy to think of a name for all of them!