Thursday, 7 July 2011

An explanation for all the chaos!

A lot has happened in the past month that I haven't been blogging, I wont write down all of it but I'll tell you about some of the highlights.
To start...Williams back!!!
I had started to give up hope of him coming back but then one day him and his brother, Arthur, walked hand in hand into the school. He was quiet and shy at first and I thought maybe someone had broken him, but after about a week he was back to his awesome little self:)
Is he not the cutest kid you've ever seen?!

School has been good. Hectic (I found my first grey hair!!!), but good. I just love my kids so much. I have had some great bonding sessions with them so they've gotten a lot more comfortable with me. We had teacher respect day on the 9th. That was quite an experience. Basically all it involved was, class by class the teachers would sit in the front and our kids would come forward and give us these beautiful flowers. That was cute, but the part that got me was that the kids were told to worship us!! It was slightly strange and made me feel a bit uncomfortable. The kids would come up, give us the flowers and then bow to us. But not like a little bow, like a full on get on your knees and put your head on the floor type bow. Like literally worshipping us. It was weird! And we couldn't even keep the flowers:(
Here's some pictures of my kids
The kids being taught how to worship properly
 My favourite student, Mak!
The legendary Porkchop!

Class photo with the Principal

The day before that was the day I had my motorbike accident. The accident that caused my life to be a whole lot more interesting for the following 3 weeks. I was on my way home from yoga and I smashed into another girl on a motorbike. Im not quite sure where she came from because she was supposed to be on the other side of the boom, my only conclusion is, is that she's a ninja!
Anyway, I feel like it was quite a big accident but my yoga mat stopped me from hitting the floor so I just got up and drove off with nothing more than a bruised foot and ass. The next day I went to school feeling a bit light headed and tired but I usually feel like that so I didnt think much of it and I was distracted by the whole being worshipped thing and the pretty flowers.
After all the excitement was over I sat at my desk feeling awful and I kept like half falling asleep and then when I got up to go to lunch all I wanted to do was faint. I sat through lunch feeling like I was going to die and thats when it hit me that I could maybe have a concusion or something like that from my accident. Then after I burst out crying for no reason, I was taken to the hospital. They put me in a wheelchair and treated me like a frail old dying person. A month later I find that hilarious but at the time I was just irritated that I wasnt allowed to go home and sleep. At the lol of a hospital I was asked strange questions, laughed at for having an unpronouncable name and stared at like I was a circus freak! I sat there patiently for an hour and then decided if I havent died yet im not going to so I got up and left. I then did a very stupid thing. I phoned my mom! At first she said I was fine I just needed to rest so I went to have a shower so I could go to sleep. The 2 minutes that I was in the shower was when all hell broke loose. By the time I had gotten out of the shower. My mom had phoned and I obviously didnt answer. She then phoned my dad, who phoned me and I didnt answer. He then phoned his friend in thailand who immediately phoned my school. My school thought I was at the hospital so when they found out I wasnt they all started freaking out and tried to phone me. I was still in the shower. When I got out the shower, my mom got hold of me demanding me to go back to the hospital as I was proabably dying. My motorbike was at school so I had to walk. As I was walking my dads friend in thailand got hold of me and thats when I found out about all chaos that that gone on while I was in the shower. (Im telling you, im never showering again!!!). My dad then also smses me telling me he's on his way to the airport to come and see whats going on. I ignored him as I thought he was joking. I was wrong. I eventually get to the hospital and see a doctor immediately. This doctor was a joke so I saw another one. This one diagnosed me with vertigo and a chemical imbalance in my brain. And prescribed me a whole bunch of medication. The next day I went to school and sorted out all the chaos, and delt with all the lectures from my friends about the proper usage of a facebook status, and also decided I didnt have vertigo so I stopped taking my medicaiton. I then started to get a cold. Because my life is awesome like that! My dad arrived on the sunday! We spent the day apartment hunting, looking at people's farms in far away villages, getting heat stroke and swimming. It was fun!

On the monday, I went to a different hospital to have blood tests to see what was wrong. Turns out the only thing thats wrong with me is im obese! Well thats nice!

So now im just tired all the time and no one knows why and I couldnt be too bothered about caring why either.

The next weekend I met fredabel in Bangkok early on saturday morning to go to Kanchanaburi. The plan was to take the same bus so we would arrive at the same bus station at the same time. Fredabel came almost an hour later, on a different bus at a different bus station. So I left without him and got in a taxi that drove me to the airport at 140km/h. Fred met me there a bit later where we rented a car. After Fred had verbally abused everyone in the airport, we had a car and were off. After 10 minutes we were lost and had to turn around. By some miracle we made it to Kanchanaburi before lunch time. Due to my amazingness and partly thanks to lonely planet we had a lovely hotel with a pool on the river kwai in no time. 

We had lunch, fred made an israeli friend and then we went exploring. We first went to the Thailand-Burma railway museum. It was really interesting and I learnt a lot about a war I dont think I knew happened. As I was reading it terrified me as to how bad people can be. It also struck me that when faced with extreme hardship we find that we are a lot stronger than we thought.
While in the souvenir shop, Fredabel made friends with a french guy. And when I say made friends, I mean he started shouting at him as he walked into the room about why souvenirs are always so expensive. The guy looked terrified. I couldnt quite take him seriously because of his strong accent but he seemed nice enough. So while they were bonding over cigarettes outside I went and took photos of the war cemetary. It was beautiful...i lost all my photos tho:(

After that, me, my dad and our new french friend went to the bridge over the river kwai, which is actually kwae, pronounced square but with a k (the movie got it wrong-kwai means buffalo). The bridge was, well, just a bridge. But it was cool I guess. 

At the bridge fred found a boat. So we got some guy to take us on a little tour down the river.

It was rather lovely. We went to another museum thing and then we went to what is probably the coolest cave ive ever seen. We thought it was gonna be a lame lol cave coz we couldnt see any mountains, just a temple and this little school boy who looked like he was in grade 1 showed us to the cave. We went under the ground to this room, it was pretty cool, we were slightly disapointed. Then our tour guide took us further. The cave never ended. There were tiny little passages that led you to room after room after room. It was awesome!!

After that we jammed by the pool at out hotel, where fredabel made us some more friends. This time they were my age so it was more exciting. There were two dutch boys, a british couple and another dutch couple. We invited the dutch couple to go to the waterfall with us the next day, they accepted, not knowing what they were getting themselves into.

After that we went to the super cool night market with our israeli friend where we ate almost everything there. And I bought my super cool doreamon juice makes me very happy:)

And i found this for Brittany...

After getting no sleep we were up early to go to the hellfire pass and then the Erawan waterfall. By then we were me, fredabel, the israeli dude, the french dude and the dutch couple. Hellfire pass was quite beautiful despite the name.

Although the walk back describes the name perfectly. We desicded to take a different route back. It turned out to be 126 million stairs...UPHILL!!! We made it though, and were at the Erawan waterfall in under an hour. I had been wanting to go there since before I came to thailand so I was really excited. It was beautiful but it was over crowded and a 2 hour hike to the top. Which was fine, because the erawan waterfall is a 7 tiered waterfall so there were 5 little pools on the way to the top. 
 The first pool
 The 3rd or 4th pool
We stopped at the 5th pool to have a break and cool off. There was one problem tho, The pools were filled with those fish that they have in the fish massage places only these ones were bigger. So if you stopped moving for a second you had fish sucking on you. Fred thought this was awesome...i thought it was terryfing!! 

The walk to the top was quite worth it. The top pool was really beautiful. The rocks were white and the water was turquiose blue. 

Apart from the sucking fish it was awesome. Then it was time to walk all the way back down. It wasnt so bad, except for the part where I thought I had lost our car keys and went running down th mountain shouting “Pappa” like a crazy person. They were in my bag, so we were fine!

Back in the town, we got ready for the long trek back and said our goodbyes. And then we were off to Nakhon Ratchasima with our afrikaans speaking tom tom. She was awesome and provdided much entertainemtn for me. She got us completely lost and kept telling us to turn down roads that werent there. Watching fredabel argue with her was easily one of the funniest things ive ever seen!!

I learnt 2 things about thailand while we were driving across it, 1, the roads are a joke! There are more potholes than actual road, which makes it impossible to sleep, and 2, the signs in thailand, when they are there, are there just to confuse you, not to actually inform you of where you are and how to get where you want to be. After asking about 6 different people, none of whom spoke any english, we finally made it to Nakhon Ratchasima where I had to catch my bus. So I said goodbye to fredabel and got on my bus back to Khon Kaen. At 3:30 in the morning I eventually got into bed.

Needless to say, I was completely shattered the next day. Luckily due to our schools student council elections practice, I only had to teach one lesson that day.

I'll give you a break from reading before I tell you about the other exciting things in my life:)