Friday, 5 August 2011

Meet my munchkins

I think I speak too much so instead of telling you how cute my kittens are you can see for yourself (i wont shut up completely tho...i just can't).

Ming Ming and Jenifer, our classes representatives for Teacher Respect Day

Circle time in the morning, singing 'I'm a little teapot'


Me, my thai teacher and our assistant teacher being 'respected'/worshipped

Boon-Boon, this kid is adorable and is completely obsessed with anything fire engine related.

Yok, after sleep time when they've put powder on her face, she looks like the grudge

Praw is lovely, she reminds me of rainbows and fluffy pink thinks. You cannot not be happy when Praw is around.

Palm's parents don't know how to spell her name.


They invented the word munchkin when Phoom was born. He repeats/shouts everything i say in his adorable little high pitched voice.

Learning about clouds. The 2 odd looking ones are dinosaurs, they are absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs.

Jenifer likes talking, or rather loves talking. 
The other day i asked her to write her name on her worksheet and she wrote as clear as day 'ET' was possibly the funniest moment of my life.

'Nawin your sun needs a nose'

Porkchop lost a tooth

Ploy never speaks, she only herself, except for about 3 times a day when she runs up to me says 'Teacher Chloe' and then runs away again.

Porkchop showing off for the camera

Thomas working hard

Great is one of 2 of my baby geniuses. His sun looked better than mine. And you will be happy to know that he recently cut off his mullet.

In thai they were learning about frogs so my thai teacher thought it was a good idea to bring one to school

Jenifer disagreed.

Health class, wash your hair

Wash your hands

Great writing thai

Swimming class

Neptune...coolest name ever if you ask me

Ming Ming has a full body Ben 10 swimming costume

Story time

Learning our phonics

Mak writing thai numbers.
Mak is my shadow/mathematician/teaching assistant/baby genius/favourite student, i mean, what? I don't have favourites!!

Music lessons

Field trip to the agriculture faculty at the university

Arthur (Williams brother) and his awesome comboy outfit

Planting our own corn plants

Then we went back to school and planted our own corn plants behind our classroom.





Putting our windmills that we made in

Soornthornphu day (a famous thai poet)

Neptune is always ready to strike a pose

Rena my grade 1 student and Nishar my grade 2 student

 Amky...she's only in Grade 1!!!

Neptune is definately in my class

Always ready with the 'V'

I now have 20 students and they are all absolute legends...give or take 2 or 3! Just kidding...maybe...

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