Saturday, 16 February 2013

Keeping myself busy

If you didn't know already,  

I'm coming home!

In 38 days to be exact! Wow! I just realised that's really soon!
Anyway, I decided this in October last year and ever since then I kinda felt like I was in this weird inbetween stage and I was just kinda killing time counting down the months till I could start a proper countdown. So I just basically sat around all day every day. Most of this sitting around time was spent on youtube, which gave me this genius idea that instead of wasting my time I would go out and enjoy my last few months in Thailand and film it and put it on youtube, so that you guys can see what i've been up to. That way, I get to have some of my memories of Thailand on film and you guys get to have some idea of what my life has been like here so that when I get home I hopefully wont get anymore, 'How was China?' or 'Do you speak Taiwanese?' questions.
So anyway, I've done exactly that!
I've been filming stuff for awhile now but i've just been too busy mastering the art of procrastination to put any of them up yet. Although to my credit, there has also been some mastering the art of editing videos in there as well!

This is my first video below. Its a bit long but...whatever!

I won't make blog posts about all the videos I put up so just subscribe to my channel and the lovely internet will let you know when I put up a new one.

Also, if you thought it was completely rubbish, just pretend you never read this :)